Baby Dead for 20 mins Revived - Glory to God!

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Hannah Sheriff went into labor when something went wrong and she had to go into the operating room for an emergency C-section.  When the doctor opened her up, her uterus was hemorrhaging profusely and the baby’s heart rate was steadily dropping to a stop.

After the critical 10 mins of CPR, baby Uriah's chances of survival was slipping away, but the team did not give up. The baby finally got a pulse, but at this point, he had been without oxygen or blood flow for 20-minutes.

The doctors immediately intubated and prepped the baby to be life-flighted to Texas Health Presbyterian, a hospital 80 miles away. Jacob the father had to leave his Hannah behind to heal from her surgery and placenta abruption and rushed his baby son in the helicopter.

The baby started having seizures when he arrived at the hospital and was placed in the ICU. Baby Urias was then diagnosed with Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy brain damage caused by a lack of oxygen and blood. Jacob was told that his son would most likely have cerebral palsy and expect regular seizures, and may not be able to walk or talk, for the rest of his life... 

“I can’t control anything but I can trust God. I don’t feel it like some emotional thing. It was a determination and a commitment I’m gonna trust God,” declared the faithful father.

The baby had begun to have seizures despite medication. But later that night, his eyes opened. Jacob was encouraged, along with the nurse, and they both fervently pleaded with God to heal baby Urias completely.

The nurse, Latricia Bell, testified of the miracle she witnessed, "I felt such a warmth. Every hair on my body stood up. I knew that I was in the presence of God. He was right there at that moment. I looked at the monitors and there was no more seizures. That was the end of it!” she exclaimed.

That night the couple asked their church and their friends and family to pray for Uriah.

Over the next few days, Uriah’s condition greatly improved and was able to breathe on his own, and was discharged three weeks later.

A year later, Uriah hit all his developmental milestones despite the unlikely prediction of delayed development. The neurologist also testified to this miracle, saying, “I’ve only had a couple other cases where people made a full recovery. And I’m just telling you he’s one of them.”

Today, Uriah is a healthy, energetic, happy little boy they prayed for. He is indeed a miracle child - Praise the Lord! 

Source: 700 Club adapted from GodTV

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