From an Atheist to an Apologist of the Gospel

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From an Atheist & Sociopath to Apologist of the Gospel

Retrieved from Wikipedia: "In a video testimony about Wood's conversion to Christianity he has stated that he was an atheist in his youth, and that he had run-ins with the law by breaking into homes and later went as far as attempting to murder his father at the age of 18, claiming a belief that morality was merely societal rules that were beneath him. He also said that after the attempt on his father's life, Wood was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder (sociopathy) and was sentenced to ten years in prison. While in prison, he said, he was confronted with a fellow prisoner named Randy who was a devout Christian. Wood said he often challenged Randy's Christian beliefs, initially claiming that Randy was only a Christian because he was born into primarily Christian society, specifically the United States. Wood stated he began to read the Bible in order to respond to Randy's rebuttals but it eventually led Wood to convert to Christianity in 1996 himself and to eventually reconcile with his father."

Wood was released in in 2000 and went to college and completed his bachelor's degree, which he later also earned a doctorate in philosophy of religion from Fordham University. While studying at Old Dominion University, he was challenged to convert to Islam by his roommate, Nabeel Qureshi (an Ahmadi), and went about investigating the life of Muhammad using the earliest sources, including Ibn Ishaq's Life of Muhammad (the earliest extant biography of Muhammad); the hadith collections of Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim (considered by Sunni Muslims to be the two most reliable or Sahih collections of Muhammad's statements, actions, and example); and the History of the Prophets and Kings by Al-Tabari (one of Islam's greatest historians) Concluding that the Quran and Muhammad's example did not simply describe violence in the past (as in the Christian Bible per his assertion), but rather commanded ongoing violence, he took up the mantle as a Christian apologist. His roommate Nabeel eventually went on to become a Christian apologist as well.

Today, David has a growing audience on his YouTube Channel - 'Acts17Apologetics' where he educates his audience on the Christian faith and enlightens Muslims on how Jesus is the Messiah for the Muslims too. 

Watch his testimony here:



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