Saved From Darkness of New Age Deception into the Light - Testimony of Steven Bancarz

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Steven Bancarz was known to be a very successful New Age blogger who became rich and famous from his 'Spirit Science' website and Facebook page...until he found the TRUTH in Jesus. He has completely renounced the New Age deception and is today a born again Christian, with a mission to debunk the deception and danger of the New Age movement.

He also co-authored 'The Second Coming of The New Age' with Josh Peck to warn people about the deception and danger of New Age Spirituality that is seeping into Christianity today. His story is powerful and inspiring; share this to warn your loved ones and friends.

The second video below is a LIVE radio interview by Ryan Ries, also worth a listen. Share this to your friends who are embracing the New Age trends and being deceived into darkness... 



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