About GOSPELetters

A prodigal son

My Personal Story

What do you do when you feel that you have wasted years of chasing after the pleasures of this world and end up feeling lost and empty handed? The worst part is to find yourself living a godless life apart from the One whom I once knew so personally and intimately. Looking at what's happening around the world, I find myself being pushed farther and farther away from what I once knew to be  the Truth, and deeper and deeper into what I once knew to be lies of the Adversary.

In my desperation, I knew I had to make a decision once again - to live in the Light or stay in Darkness, to remain in the stronghold of the prince of this world or return as a prodigal son back into the arms of the loving Father. 

I cried out to God for help. It was then as if I heard a voice saying, "Sin has pushed me away from God." And I started to ask for forgiveness for the years of ignoring the prompting of His Spirit warning me. That's when I heard a voice inside telling me that there is only one way of obtaining forgiveness, that is through Jesus; that I need to call on the name of Jesus who had died on my behalf and justified me of all my sins.'  I broke down and cried like never before in 25 years! Something happened within me that day - God broke my heart of stone and made it into a heart of flesh. In the following months even until today, 2 years later, I still tear up easily whenever I talk about His grace and His goodness in my life. I used to be embarrassed to be like this but I now rejoice that the Father has made my heart feel the gratefulness deep inside, so deep that it overflows out in tears. 

Since that day, I am determined to find my way back into the will and purpose of God in my life - I do not want to waste another day. Since then, life has been a journey of breaking down of my old ways, tearing down of lies and deception from worldly 'wisdom' and rebuilding my life based on faith and trust in the eternal word of God. The video below resonates with the inspiration with which I now align my new found purpose in life.  "Only one life, it will soon be past. Only what's done for Christ will last." C.T. Studd. 

Why GOSPELetters? 

I feel a calling in my life to serve Israel and am following His guidance step by step towards fulfilling His purpose in my life.  I took a step of faith by following the voice to spend time in Israel earlier this year which I did - changed my life -and instrumental in shaping what I do today with GOSPELetters.  As I am currently attending a church catered mostly for mission workers from overseas who are supported by their home church in their home country, I feel a need to use my previous business background to raise my own financial support for the ministry God has called me to, and in the process enable others to do the same instead of solely dependent on donation from others. This is the core reason for starting  GOSPELetters, besides the inspiration received from the Gospel itself. 

While I want to create a business model that could support my own ministry, I also want to enable others to do the same without being distracted from the Great Commission to share the good news. Thus it is this background story that has led me to develop GOSPELetters and its GOSPELion Loyalty Program for Kingdom Ministry Workers to come together for the sake of the Gospel.  

GOSPELetters - Good News in Every Letter! This is our Brand Promise - Inspired by the Gospel, and for the Gospel. We seek to promote GOSPELetters through Kingdom Ministries of all sorts, and contribute 50% share of the sales profit back to the ministry. Shoppers buy GOSPELetters products that share the Gospel and at the same time contribute directly towards a Kingdom Ministry & Mission Worker. Send us an email for your personal Kingdom Mission Worker ID today.

Would you join me in this journey through GOSPELetters to support the cause in helping others to serve God in the Mission Field? Together, let us labor till His Kingdom comes. Maranatha!  

For questions, concerns or inquiries, please email me directly. I would love to hear from you!